Frequently Asked Questions

Is the GRE required?

    No! Our Higher Education program does not require the GRE for admission.

Is an interview part of the admission process?

    No, our program does not require an interview. Visit this page to learn more about our application requirements.

How many students are admitted to the program?

    We generally admit 25-30 students per year.

Does the program accept transfer credits? 

    According to UNCW Graduate School policy, a maximum of twelve semester hours of graduate credit may be transferred from another regionally accredited institution in partial fulfillment of the total hours required for any graduate degree. Students may not transfer in more than one third of the required hours for any program. The courses must be post-master’s level and appropriate to the program of study; students also must have earned a “B” or better in the course. Authorization of transfer credit is subject to approval by the program coordinator, Associate Dean of Watson College, and the UNCW Graduate School. For more specific information on transferring courses, please refer to this page.

Are students admitted in the Spring?

    Yes! The application deadline for Spring admission is October 15.

Are courses offered throughout the year?

    We offer all of our core courses in both the Fall and Spring semesters, but they are not offered during the Summer. Electives are offered all year long, but the most variety is offered during the Summer semesters.

How are courses offered in this program?

    We currently have two options for students to be enrolled in our program, a Main Campus or Distance Education option. Distance education students are not required to meet at all on campus. Distance education students attend the synchronous face-to-face class sessions using Zoom, a platform that allows them to be part of the classroom experience virtually. Ours is a hybrid program which blends face-to-face instruction and online instruction where students meet in person (our main campus students in a classroom and our distance education students via Zoom) alternating weeks during the semester with online work on the opposite weeks.

How often do distance education students meet on campus, if at all?

    Distance education students are not required to meet at all on campus. Distance education students attend the synchronous face-to-face class sessions using Zoom, a platform that allows them to be part of the classroom experience virtually.

How long does it take to complete the program?

    Full-time students can expect to finish the program in two years while part-time students generally finish in three years.

How many classes or credits should I take during a semester?

    Students planning on enrolling full-time should complete 9 hours or 3 courses in each of their first 2 Fall/Spring semesters. Remaining core courses and electives must be completed in the final 2 semesters of coursework. Students enrolling on a part-time basis typically complete 3-6 credits or 1-2 courses each semester they are enrolled in the program. Elective courses may be worked into the program of study for part-time students at any point, but summer electives are strongly encouraged. 

Are Graduate Assistantships available? 

    There are a number of Graduate Assistantships available to our Higher Education master’s students, however, they are not guaranteed. If you are interested in applying for assistantships in Academic Administrative Support Areas, your application will be automatically considered for these positions. If you are interested in Student Affairs or other Student Support Areas, follow this link to find more information on these positions.

Are Graduate Assistantships available only to full-time students?

    No, our assistantships are available to both part- and full-time students.

How does the internship requirement work for full-time individuals? 

    You are required to complete an internship and we have several ways you can do that. We have an international internship; or you can set up your own internship at your institution or another one in your area with the caveat that you are not completing the internship in your current functional area. For more specific information on internships, please see the Internship Requirement & CIP page.

Can I simultaneously complete the Community College Leadership Certificate?

    The CCL certificate and the M.Ed. can be done simultaneously or separately (both having separate application processes). We also allow students to concentrate their electives in the M.Ed. program with CCL classes.

What is the cost of the program? Are there scholarships that I can apply for?

    For more information on UNCW’s tuition and fees, visit this page. You can also find information on Financial Aid here or learn more about scholarships from the Graduate School here.

If I am not a North Carolina resident, how can I establish residency?

    Please see UNCW’s Residency Information.