Culminating Defense Guidelines

Students enrolled in EDL 597: Culminating Project II will complete the following requirements for their final presentations:

  1. Prepare a final paper in a format that is accepted and approved by your Chair.
  2. Prepare a poster presentation that is accepted and approved by your Chair.
  3. Attend the in-person defense of your Culminating Project during the poster session.

Paper Guidelines

Guidelines for your final paper should be negotiated and agreed upon between you and your Chair. The following elements represent the aspects that all papers must address, but do not necessarily reflect sections or headings for the paper.

  1. Rationale for the purpose or need for your project. Why is it important to explore this topic?
  2. Review of relevant literature that informs your project. What do we already know about your selected topic from the work of prior researchers, scholars, and practitioners?
  3. Methods you used n your project to collect information about the topics you explored. From what sources did you collect information? What information did you collect? In what ways did you critically examine (analyze) the information you collected?
  4. Discussion about the findings or important elements that emerged from your analysis. In what ways do your findings elate to the points discussed in the literature from point #2?
  5. Significance and implications of your project for practice, research, theory, or personal/professional development. What did you learn from this work? How can that information be used to inform the work of others?

Poster Guidelines

Posters should be presented as a summary (not copy and paste) of the components included in your final paper. Each section of your paper should also be addressed on your poster. The poster will be formatted as a 24” x 36” PowerPoint slide that can be printed for free through SURCA.

During the final poster session, you will be required to discuss your project in 2 ways:

  1. The first hour of the poster session will be an open forum where all posters are displayed. Students will remain with their poster to answer questions from faculty and guests. Guests will include your committee, student affairs staff throughout campus, and distinguished guests including Education Leadership Department Chair, Dean of Watson College of Education, the Dean of Students, and the Provost of the University of North Carolina Wilmington.
  2. During the second portion of the session, each student will provide a maximum 5 minute summary of what they did and what they learned from their engagement in their culminating project.

For more information, please contact the Higher Education Graduate Ambassador.