Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision in the Department of EL

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The M.Ed. program in Curriculum, Instruction and Supervision is designed to provide advanced study to prepare graduates to be effective school and district level curriculum and instructional leaders, and is appropriate for classroom teachers, building administrators, teacher educators, and other personnel who play a supervisory role in the professional development of others. (Student Learning Outcomes)

Did You Know?

  • The CIS M.Ed. and add-on licensure programs can be completed entirely online.
  • If you are Nationally Board Certified it can count as 3 credits toward your Masters in CIS.
  • An add on licensure in CIS can be achieved in as few as 4 to 6 classes.

Graduates of the CIS Program will:

  1. Be reflective practitioners.
  2. Integrate social justice principles into practice.
  3. Investigate, refine and integrate global education in their practice.
  4. Use critical thinking, appropriate technology and problem solving skills to foster creativity and innovation.
  5. Assess and discern effective application of curriculum models, instructional practices and supervisory strategies.
  6. Promote continuous, lifelong learning in self, students, colleagues and the community.
  7. Advocate for appropriate and supportive working conditions for teachers and students.
  8. Produce research-based, data-driven practices for teachers and schools.

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