Licensure Exam Support

Admissions Support

  1. Admission information includes Praxis Core Academics Skills Test for Educators
  2. WCE Admissions information
  3. NCEL Exam (licensure exam for elementary & special education)

Scavenger Hunt on the NCEL webpage

Link to NCEL Study Session (Dec Workshop) - File may not play in Chrome. Please try Firefox or IE if you have issues.

Reading Foundations Support 

Start Here!

Put Reading First 

General guide - here you will find phrases to point you in the direction of topics/categories to study:

Sample test - notice the variety of question types/stems/answer choice complexity:

Answers and explanations from the sample test: 

Wisconsin’s Reading Foundations Prep (different state, same content)

Quizlet Foundations of Reading Test Prep:

Overview of Reading Foundations, including alphabetic principle and phonemic awareness:

Overview of alphabetic principle:

Sample Open Response for Reading Foundations:

Looking for a practice test prep book?  North Carolina Foundations of Reading Study Guide. (2014). Mometrics.

Looking for a phonics review book? This book has practice tests and explanations. Self Paced Phonics. (2012). 5th Edition. Pearson.