“The Middle Grades program excels at preparing preservice teachers through a gradual progression. Throughout the progression, I was given a variety of opportunities to reflect and collaborate with peers and professionals. Ultimately, this process has helped me find my personal teaching style.”

- Kim MAT

"I would highly recommend the middle grades undergraduate program at UNCW. Since the middle grades program is rather small, I felt like I was able to develop meaningful relationships with both my peers and the faculty. The faculty go above and beyond to support students and ensure that they are successful. The classes and coursework are valuable because they introduce students to the many aspects of teaching and give them tools they need to be successful. Throughout this program, students are also placed into several middle school settings where they can take what they learn in their courses and apply it to a real classroom. I am so glad that I was a part of this program!"

- Hannah BA

“I highly recommend Watson’s MAT middle grades program. It has truly been the best decision I have made in preparation for my teaching career. This program gives you practical tools that will help you be an effective teacher, while also building your confidence. It has prepared me for all of the struggles, successes, and intricacies of a middle school classroom. You’ll have several field experiences that allow you to use what you’ve learned in a working classroom. During this program, you will get to know yourself and it will clarify what type of teacher you will be.”

- Ali MAT

“I would recommend Watson's MAT program because from the minute that you enroll, you are surrounded by faculty and staff that go above and beyond to support you on your academic journey. All classes you take are purposeful, rigorous and enriching, and will prepare you for a successful career in education.”

- Tonnia MAT

“I highly recommend the Middle Grades MAT program at UNCW’s Watson College of Education. Coursework has been carefully designed to be meaningful, and semester-long field experiences help to prepare each student for their internship and career experiences. Every faculty member makes a personal investment in the student’s success that extends far beyond graduation and continues into your career as a middle grades teacher.”

- Eric MAT

“In this program, educators are taught how to teach and given the opportunities to apply their knowledge. The major strengths of this program are the small classroom sizes, an abundance of field experience opportunities, and support from faculty. Having small classroom sizes foster a support group from your peers that are experiencing the same struggles and successes that you are. From the beginning of the program, I have felt that I am supported by the faculty and have a one-on-one relationship with each of the faculty members.”

- Katie MAT