Photo of L&L students and Dr. WalkerCelebrating Students

Roles after L&L Graduate School

The program is designed to prepare graduates of the program to function effectively in a variety of roles, which include:

  • Literacy coach
  • K - grade 12 teacher with specialized knowledge in literacy teaching and learning
  • Partnership Teacher
  • Photo of L&L studentsInternship supervisor
  • Site coordinator for undergraduate field experiences
  • Adjunct professor to teach undergraduate methods courses
  • Professional development leader
  • Presenter at professional conferences
  • Mentor for current graduate students
  • District literacy coordinator
  • Tutor

Student Comments

Photo of Dr. PowellComments from students tell the real story about the L&L Graduate Program. These are direct quotes from end of program evaluations which are anonymous.

"I feel that I am a better teacher as a direct result of attending graduate school."

"I have learned so much during my time in the program. I have made substantial growth in each strand. My self confidence has grown tremendously."

"I think this was a tremendous help in exposing me to resources, theories, materials, programs and methods."

"I am 100% prepared to take "risks" as a reading professional and I'm ready to coach at a 'beginning level'."