What Do Graduates say about the LL Program?

The quotes below provide insights what graduate appreciated about the Master’s Program.

"I feel that I am a better teacher as a direct result of attending graduate school."

"I have learned so much during my time in the program. I have made substantial growth in each strand. My self-confidence has grown tremendously."

“The Language and Literacy Education Master’s program was a gift I gave to myself. I was at a point in my career where I needed to be surrounded by a community of teachers and life-long learners who wanted to explore and challenge existing beliefs about the role of literacy in the world. To my surprise the journey evolved, becoming more about my curiosity of the languages of learning and its impact on literacy. My professors helped me see that the questions I developed along the way could potentially be more important than the answers.”

"I think this was a tremendous help in exposing me to resources, theories, materials, programs and methods."

"I am 100% prepared to take "risks" as a reading professional and I'm ready to coach at a 'beginning level'."

What are Language and Literacy Education graduates doing now?

  • K - 12 teacher with specialized knowledge in literacy teaching and learning
  • Literacy and/or Instructional Coach in elementary, middle, and secondary schools
  • Instructional Coach: Department of Public Instruction 
  • Partnership Teacher
  • Internship supervisor
  • Literacy consultant
  • Professional Development provider
  • Site coordinator for undergraduate field experiences
  • Adjunct professor to teach undergraduate methods courses
  • Professional development leader
  • Presenter at professional conferences
  • Mentor for current graduate students
  • District literacy coordinator
  • Literacy tutor
  • Director of a tutoring service
  • Instructional coach