Course of Study

M.Ed. Elementary Education Specialization - Program of Study (33 hours)

Most students in the M.Ed. in Elementary Education program are employed full-time as teachers and take one or two courses during fall and spring semesters, plus courses during the summer. Graduate students are limited to two courses each summer term. This schedule allows practicing teachers to complete program requirements in approximately 1.5 to 2 years. Others may be employed part-time or enrolled in graduate school full-time and, thus, are able to earn their Master’s degree more quickly by taking three courses in Fall and Spring terms. All students will complete 33 hours of coursework, and a capstone project and presentation in the final semester of the program (fall or spring).


Typical Student Schedule


  • EDN 524 Action Research for Elementary Educators (3)

  • EDN 543 Teaching for Global Citizenship in the Social Studies Curriculum (3)


  • EDN 548 Advanced Teaching of Language and Literacy in the Elem Classroom (3)

  • EDN 514 Culturally Responsive Arts Integration in the Global Context (3)

Summer I (2 Course Limit)

  • EDN 508 Advanced Diverse Learners (3)

  • EDN 544 Global Scientific Literacy in Elementary Science Education (3)

Summer II (2 Course Limit)

  • EDN 542 Mathematics in the Global Community (3)

  • EDN 595 Special Topics (varied) (3)

Electives (take any semester)

  • Must complete 6 hours (2 courses) of elective credit
  • Must be pre-approved by advisor
  • Choose any approved course at the 500-level with EDN/EDL/TESL prefix

Last Semester (Fall or Spring, not summer)

  • EDN 595 Special Topics- Capstone Course (3)

  • Complete capstone exit requirement in course


For more information, contact:

Graduate Program Coordinator
Dr. Amy Taylor