Undergraduate Degree Programs

This degree leads to North Carolina teacher licensure in grades Kindergarten through six.

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs):

SLO 1: Demonstrate breadth of disciplinary knowledge relevant to elementary school curricula.

SLO 2: Communicate through writing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions for planning instruction and providing feedback to diverse students. 

SLO 3: Adapt individual, small, and whole group instruction to the developmental and learning needs of all students, including exceptional children and children from diverse populations. 

SLO 4: Choose appropriate objectives to guide instructional planning and implementation aligned with assessments that measure impact of instruction on student learning. 

SLO 5: Employ formative and summative assessment that informs instruction and adaptations, analyze data, and then assesses impact on student learning. 

SLO 6: Exhibit a pattern of growth in reflective practice, including analyzing student learning, developing professional goals, and adapting instruction. 

Program information available at https://www.uncw.edu/ed/degree_under