Registration Info

Students entering each semester will be notified by the Graduate School. For registration information go to:

  • Students who have paid enrollment fees, or have received a T.E.A.C.H. Scholarship waiver will receive an email from the university's Registrar with information on dates and times and instructions for online registration. CHECK YOUR UNCW EMAIL FOR THIS INFORMATION.

Enrollment Fees: Enrollment deposit waivers are available to current graduate students (UNCW students may not pursue graduate and undergraduate matriculations simultaneously for the same term), grant recipients, international students, deferment students, UNCW faculty/staff or their dependents. to request an enrollment deposit waiver.


Students will receive an email from their assigned advisor prior to the start of the semester.

Important Dates:

New Student Welcome Webinar January 8, 2016 at 12:00pm
First Day of Classes: Monday, January 11, 2016
Last day for: (1) Registration,
(2) Dropping a class w/out a grade
(3) Add a class:
January 20, 2016
Spring Break March 7-15, 2016
Registration - Summer and Fall April

Spring 2016 Course Offerings (See Graduate Catalog)

  • EDL 509 Public Policy and Advocacy for Children and Families (3 credits). This course covers the process for developing and establishing policies on a national, state, and local basis that influence decisions that impact children and families. It will also address global policies on young children and families for comparison with the United States. Students will develop strategies for influencing public policy and regulation through advocacy and resources available to support change.
  • EDL 554. Leadership Theory & Behavior (3 credits). This course examines leadership theories and styles for the development and use of effective strategies and skills in higher education.
  • EDN 514 Diverse Families and Children
  • EDL 510 Internship in Leadership, Policy and Advocacy