Degree Requirements (36 hours):

Core Courses (15 hours required)*

  • EDN 512: Historical and Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood Education (3)
  • EDL 509: Public Policy and Advocacy for Children and Families (3)
  • EDL 554: Leadership Theory and Behavior (3)
  • EDN 514 Diverse Families and Children in Communities (3)
  • EDL 510 Internship in Leadership, Policy, and Advocacy (3-6 credits, at least 3 required)

Research Courses (6 credits required)

  • EDL 598 Thesis I (3) or EDL 596 Culminating Project I (3)
  • EDL 599 Thesis II (3) or EDL 597 Culminating Project II (3)

Electives (up to 15 credits required)

Courses from any of the following designations with guidance from an advisor:

  • EDN, EDL, PLS (Public Administration), HEA (Health and Human Services), SWK (Social Work), and other courses approved by the advisor.
  • EDL 523 Research in Education (3 credits) may serve as an elective
  • EDL 595 Program Administration (3 credits)

*Students without an undergraduate course in the introduction to early childhood education may be required to take EDN 503 Introduction to Early Childhood Education. A faculty advisor will review transcripts to determine if this is required. Students enrolled in EDN 503 will complete the program with an additional 3 hours (39).

Exit Requirement:

During the final term in the program, students will complete a project that may be in the form of a thesis or an action research project that focuses on a specific area of family and child advocacy. A faculty advisor will determine final approval for the project.

All students must take and pass either EDL 596 and EDL 597 or EDL 598 and EDL 599. They must defend their project or thesis. Students must submit their final thesis to the Graduate School.