Program Design


Summer Start Program (33 Program Credit Hours)

Summer I & II (9 Credit hours)

Fall (12 Credit hours)

Spring (12 Credit hours)

EDN 500: Human Development and Learning (3 Credit Hours)

AED 501: Art Education Pedagogy and Assessment
(3 Credit Hours)

AED 504: Art Education Student Teaching (9 Credit Hours)

EDN 520: Instructional Development (3 Credit Hours)

AED 502: Media Arts, Media Literacy, and Technology in Art Education (3 Credit Hours)

AED 505: Seminar on Teaching, Learning, and Leadership (3 Credit Hours)

AED 500: Art Education Foundation and Curriculum (3 Credit Hours)

AED 503: Art Education Issues, Research, and Practicum (3 Credit Hours, 40 hours field experience requirement)


EDN 509: Education in a Multicultural Context (3 Credit Hours)