Art Education MAT Program Objectives

The program focuses on preparing art teachers to meet the standards of North Carolina art teachers. The program objectives are developed based on NC teaching standards.

Teachers demonstrate leadership:

  • Develop critical knowledge and pedagogic skill to lead in the art classroom and demonstrate leadership in advancing and advocating art education in the school and the community.
  • Actively involved in the profession through participation in the art communities and professional organizations.

Teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students:

  • Establish a respectful and safe learning environment for diverse learners.
  • Recognize the social context of art and art education and support diverse students acknowledging different perspectives.

Teachers know the content they teach:

  • Demonstrate a depth and breadth of knowledge in visual art and apply research-based theory and pedagogy to develop curriculum and instruction.
  • Consider art in multicultural and global context and develop culturally responsive and sensitive art curriculum.
  • Analyze contemporary issues, theory, and research in the field of art education.
  • Connect art to other disciplines and plan an integrated curriculum.

Teachers facilitate learning for their students:

  • Assess the different needs and learning styles of all students and provide appropriate instruction to facilitate student’s art learning and making.
  • Adapt teaching for different learners and plan instructions base on student’s development in various areas.
  • Utilize different teaching approaches and integrate technology to support and enhance the students’ learning experience.
  • Conduct meaningful assessments to support the students’ learning and growth.

Teachers reflect on their practice:

  • Develop a critical and reflective attitude to inquire about their own teaching practice.
  • Pursue professional growth and contribute to research in art education and the advancement of the profession.