Art Education MAT Program FAQ

  1. Is the program entirely online?

The program courses are online. For the licensure purpose, field experience and internship are at WCE’s partner public schools arranged by WCE’s Office of Professional Experiences.
The program’s online course format varies. Most instructors combine asynchronous with synchronous sessions to provide the best online learning experience.

  1. Do you work with Residency License?

Yes, you can enroll in the program as an EPP required by NC Residency License. If you are hired by a public school and in an agreement for residency licensure, you could use the school as your field experience and internship school with prior approval. Please contact the program coordinator before applying to the program if you are doing Residency License.

  1. Is my undergraduate major qualified for the program?

If you are unsure if your undergraduate major is qualified for the program, please contact the program coordinator. Closely related art fields include but are not limited to studio art, design, new media/digital media, art history, film, and photography. If your undergraduate major is not in a closely related art field, you can still apply if you can provide any of the following evidence to show your artistic skill and knowledge:
Please note that if your undergraduate degree is not in an art-related field, you might be asked to take undergraduate art courses at UNCW base on our evaluation of the quality of your art portfolio.

  1. Does the program require GRE or other exams for admission?

No, there is no exam required for admission. We do not believe your potential is represented by an exam.

  1. Do I need to find a school for the field experience and internship?

    No, field experience and internship are arranged through WCE’s Office of Professional Experiences. Please do not contact the school until you are told to do so by our office.

  2. Is there a thesis requirement?

There is no thesis requirement. However, for the master’s degree graduation requirement, you will need to complete a capstone project and present it to your capstone committee members. The capstone project is an educational research project during your internship semester. Detailed guidelines will be given at the beginning of your internship semester.

  1. I do not live in the Wilmington area. Can I complete the field experience and internship at the location where I live?

WCE works with partner schools in our PDS region and also places students throughout North Carolina. Please contact the program coordinator to discuss possible placement location before you apply.

  1. Can I complete the program as a part-time student?

The one-year program is an intensive program designed for a full-time student. If you need to take less than the required courses per semester as a part-time student, please contact the program coordinator to discuss an alternative course path. Please note that the required program courses are only offered once a year. It will take double the amount of time to complete the program as a part-time student.

Any Questions? Contact the program coordinator (