Task Three: Assessment

The Assessment Task consists of an analysis of student learning, providing feedback, and supporting student use of feedback.  You will choose ONE assessment from your learning segment to analyze closely in a written commentary, provide samples of student work, and provide evidence of feedback for three focus students.

Keep in mind that Tasks 2 and 3 should essentially be taking place at the same time because you are gathering artifacts for both (video clips for Task 2 and student work samples of one assessment for Task 3) at the same time.

Three Parts to Task Three

1. Analyze the whole class's performance on your selected assessment. It does NOT have to be a formal, summative assessment. It is often informal, formative assessments like exit tickets that can yield the richest analysis and student feedback. Include both quantitative and qualitative aspects in your analysis. Table(s) of student performance and anecdotal responses are often helpful.

2. Select student work samples (3 focus students for most handbooks) and analyze them in-depth. Provide evidence of the feedback provided to these students. The student work samples and feedback can be in written, audio, or video formats. Watch the video below for assistance with the logistics and all of the options for Task 3.

3. Reflect on your assessment, student performance, and feedback using the Assessment Commentary template. Use the video below to assist with your understanding of the layers of Task 3, alignment throughout all 3 tasks, and evaluation criteria.
***Make sure you are using the Task Three Written Commentary Template downloaded from TaskStream.


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