Student edTPA Support

The EdTPA Tasks and the Cycle of Effective Teaching

The three edTPA tasks represent a cycle of effective teaching (i.e., teaching that is focused on student learning). Planning Task 1 documents your intended teaching, Instruction Task 2 documents your enacted teaching, and Assessment Task 3 documents the impact of your teaching on student learning.

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Key edTPA Supports:

1. The Making Good Choices Guide - a support document that will help you make critical decisions as you complete your edTPA tasks. (Special Education Making Good Choices Guide)

2. Introduction to edTPA PowerPoint and overview video here

3. Understanding Rubric Level Progressions - a document to guide analyzing the rubrics (a.k.a. the answer key!).

4. Thinking Organizers - Tools for organizing your responses, which feature sentence stems and/or graphic organizers for individual prompt responses.

5.  Top Ten Tips for edTPA Success