What is edTPA?

The edTPA is a performance-based assessment teacher candidates complete during their student teaching, which was designed by the Stanford Center for Learning and Assessment Equity (SCALE) and is currently being used in 35 states, as well as the District of Columbia as a summative assessment of teacher preparation.  It consists of three tasks which align with one cycle of instruction in which teacher candidates plan 3-5 lessons (Task 1:  Planning), video record themselves teaching those 3-5 lessons (Task 2: Instruction), and analyze student work (Task 3: Assessment).  For each of the three tasks, candidates write commentaries to support and justify their planning decisions (Task 1), analyze their teaching (Task 2) and use data to inform instruction (Task 3) as outlined in the graphic below. 

edTPA graph

When will you complete the edTPA digital portfolio?

An edTPA submission is an internship requirement. The edTPA submission process must be concurrent with the completed internship semester. You will teach the lessons you plan for your learning segment (3-5 lessons) during your internship semester.  However, the preparation for your edTPA should start well in advance of teaching and video recording your lessons.  Begin by reading the Making Good Choices document and your subject-specific handbook before your internship experience begins. To view the subject-specific handbooks please see the handbook section of the website. Communicate your partnership teacher about which class/subject you will be picking up first and start planning your lessons and writing your planning commentary before you ever touch a video camera!  

How is the edTPA portfolio submitted?

You will submit your edTPA in Taskstream on the UNCW server.  

To view the edTPA overview PowerPoint presentation click HERE!