Onslow Extension Ed Lab

About the Onslow Extension Ed LabExtension Ed Lab staff

The University of North Carolina Wilmington and Coastal Carolina Community College are pleased to join together to offer UNCW's Onslow Extension Education Lab near the campus of CCCC in Jacksonville, NC.

The Ed Lab is designed as a critical component of the university's teacher education programs. UNCW students who are studying to become teachers work with children in a one-on-one setting--designing individualized lessons to address the needs of each student.

Tutoring focuses on the child's strengths, needs and interests. Ed Lab staff members have extensive experience in teaching in elementary classrooms and help tutors prepare engaging lessons for each tutoring session. Parents are asked to give insights into their children's learning, so that tutors can maximize their tutoring times with students.

Tutoring Services

Tutoring is available in reading and math. Tutors assess students' learning through formal and informal evaluations, by talking with parents and by requesting information from classroom teachers. Each tutor determines learning focuses and designs lessons concentrating on those areas. Ed Lab tutoring is not a time to complete homework or school projects. Tutors plan and carry out lessons based on student needs and on the methods, strategies and theories they are studying.

  • Reading tutoring (20 hours) $200
  • Math tutoring (10 hours) $100
  • Reading & Math tutoring (25 hours) $250

Space is limited to the number of UNCW students enrolled in teacher preparation courses. Placements are made at the beginning of each semester. Transportation is not provided.


Debbie Phillips
Onslow Extension Ed Lab Supervisor
(910) 968-0288
(910) 777-4983