Busloads of students drop put of high school every day.

The Dropout Prevention Coalition is bringing together a broad audience representing schools, colleges, PTAs, government agencies, community organizations, businesses, the faith-based community, parents and other interested individuals to find ways to help students stay and succeed in school.

Mission Statement

The Coalition's mission is to engage a broad audience in efforts to help students stay - and succeed - in school.

Goals and Objectives

The Dropout Prevention Coalition was created in 2011 to raise awareness of the magnitude of the high school dropout problem in our region, and collaborate on programs and initiatives to motivate students in Southeastern North Carolina to succeed in school. Priority initiatives include:

  1. Raising awareness of the Coalition, engaging our members, and growing our membership.
  2. Providing information and sharing evidence based solutions with Coalition Members. This information will include dropout prevention research, funding sources and professional development opportunities available both regionally and nationally.
  3. Showcasing successful programs around the region, including those in your district.
  4. Identifying needs, and matching needs to resources. Just one example might include matching a school with a need for student mentoring services with a community organization able to provide them.