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Curriculum Committee Course Change Forms & Info

The Curricular Change Process:

  • Faculty submit curricular changes to department for review.
  • Department approves proposed changes.
  • Curricular change forms and necessary syllabi are forwarded to Dr. McNulty.
  • Dr. McNulty forwards curricular forms to WCE curriculum committee.
  • WCE curriculum committee approves curricular change forms and/or requests additional information from the department.
  • Once approved by the dean, curricular change forms are forwarded to Teacher Education Council.
  • Once approved, curricular change forms are forwarded to University Curriculum Committee (for undergraduate courses) or Graduate Council (for graduate courses).
  • Once approved, curricular changes are forwarded to Faculty Senate and, finally, to the chief academic officer.

Refer to the Faculty Handbook for a complete explanation of the curricular change process for the university.

Curriculum Committee 

Curriculum Committee Chair

Dr. William Sterrett
Associate Professor
Department of Educational Leadership
(910) 962-7995