About Island Ecology for Educators

Coastal Eco Explorer was inspired by a summer course instructed by two of the app’s creators, Dr. Amy Taylor and Dr. Dennis Kubasko, of the UNCW Watson School of Education. Island Ecology for Educators (IEE) has been bringing together education and environmental science undergraduate and graduate students for nine years. Each summer, the IEE students participate in field-based exploration of coastal ecosystems, flora, and fauna while analyzing historical and ecological topics. Students use these experiences to develop accessible, web-based products that feature K-12 integrated lesson plans.

The IEE student-created web products provided a foundation and reference point for the content of the Coastal Eco Explorer application. An environmental science student wrote the application’s educational readings with the help of scientific web resources and the nine sites of IEE web products.

IEE student-created lesson plans are available to YOU for use in and out of classrooms. Click the tab “Explore Lesson Plans” to view websites for each of the nine summers of IEE courses. Each website will offer an array of lesson plans about native wildlife and ecosystems to coastal NC.


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