BT Matters Overview for Mentors

Overview: As an mentor with a colleague using BT Matters materials you can use this page to familiarize yourself with the program. This page contains links and resources that will help you better serve your beginning teachers who are participating in the BT Matters program.
Learn More : Video introduction to the Program for Mentors
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Image of techer lecturing in front of students.What is BT Matters?

Beginning Teachers Matter or (BT Matters), is a beginning teacher support and retention program. BT Matters seeks to address issues of teacher retention by immersing beginning teachers in the culture of their local community and providing them with a community-based network of support.


How BT Matters Works?

This program is designed to work with any existing beginning teacher program or as a stand alone program. It should be noted that it is not necessary to complete or use every activity within a module in order to be successful with this program. Users are encouraged to review all activities and select the ones that best match their requirements and time options.

To use the materials from BT Matters facilitators or beginning teachers simply visit the BT Matters web site and download activities and materials they wish to use. All materials on the site are free.

Download this Program Overview to see learn what topics will be covered in the program and ways that you can support your beginning teachers through the program.


Administrator Resources:

View Two Minute Video Introduction for Mentors

Program Overview - (In Adobe Acrobat Format)

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