Module Two - Parent Communication

Overview: This module looks at ways to improve parent communications with beginning teachers.
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Introduction - Parent Communication

Parent communication is essential to create a positive enviorment for teachers and students. Too often little time is devoted to learning strategies that can assist in making parent communications the best that they can be.

Objectives for this module include:

  • Take stock of your expectations for family involvement and consider your students’ families’ expectations of you.
  • Re-examine the communication you have had with students’ families during this school year.
  • Determine the strategies that are most effective for communicating with your population of families.
  • Identify community resources available to support teachers to connect with the families and communities.
  • Design a communication plan to implement through the school year.


Activites for Parent Communication Module

Overview - Activity 1 - Welcome
and Pulse Check

Activity 1 - Welcome and Pulse Check (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Application - Activity 1 Crucial Conversations

Activity 1 - Crucial Converstaions (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Crucial Conversations PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Application - Activity 2 - Beginning Teachers and Parents

Activity 2 - Parent Scenarios Activity (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 2 - Parent Scenario Document (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 2 - Crucial Conversations PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Application - Activity 3 - Parent Teacher Conference Tips

Activity 3 - Teacher Parent Conference Gone Wrong Video (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 3 -Conference Viewing Guide (Adobe Acrobat File)


Community Connections -

Activity 1 - Community Connections (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Community Mapping (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 1 - Question and Answer Time

Activity 1 - Question and Answer Time (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 -Communication Plan (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 2 - Exit Ticket

Activity 2 - Exit Ticket (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 3 - Continuing the Conversation

Activity 3 - Continued Discussion (Adobe Acrobat File)


The below materials are all simliar to the above activitis but are combined into one complete module.



Additional Resources for Parent Communication

What Parents Want in School Communication - A look at ways parents want news and information delieverd.
Visit at:

Parent Communication Toolbox Provides great list of tools, examples, and helpful tips.
Visit at:

Remind Great tool for texting parents. Free for schools and parents. Protects your cell humber.
Visit at:

Dial My Calls - Wonderful tool to call and leave recorded messages and text to parents.
Visit at:

20 Tips for Developing Positive Relationships With Parents - Elena Aguilar shares these tips for developing positive relationships with parents.
Visit at:

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