Module Three: Isolation - Building Bridges to Avoid Burnout

Overview: This third module looks at an issue many beginning teachers find hard to control. Learning to manage workload or life load as some refer to it is a key part of establishing a successful start as a beginning teacher.
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Introduction - Avoiding Burnout

Teachers fulfill many roles in their jobs and in their own personal lives. Sometimes they can take on more than they can handle. Over time what they once could handle becomes too much. If not addressed, burnout can occur.
However, as a teacher, you are not alone. You are surrounded by a network of valuable resources. People, places, media, and groups. It’s up to you to choose your own path and decide which resources work for you!

Objectives for this module include:

  • Determine your current phase of teaching based on Ellen Moir’s Phases of Teacher Attitudes and match attitude to beginning teacher needs and support.
  • Examine your talents and explore a strengths-based approach to teaching and learning.
  • Develop strategies to maintain your professional focus on effective teaching and student learning when faced with obstacles.  
  • Revisit teaching philosophy and identify resources (mentors, teachers, administrators, social media) who support your professional outlook.
  • Identify “professional community” resources available to support teachers to connect with their profession and each other.


Activites for Avoiding Burn0ut Module

Overview - Activity 1 - Welcome
and Pulse Check

Activity 1 - Welcome Overview (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Welcome PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Activity 1 - Link - Phases of Teaching (Link)


Application - Activity 1 - Connecting the Dots

Activity 1 - Connecting the Dots (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Phases PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Activity 1 - Phases Chart (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Phases Crossword (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Matching Cards - Phases (Adobe Acrobat File)


Application - Activity 2 - Awareness

Activity 2 - Awareness Activity (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 2 - Awareness PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)


Application - Activity 3 - PLC's

Activity 3 - PLC's Activity (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 3 - PLC's PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)


Application - Activity 4 - Give and Take

Activity 4 - Give and Take Activity (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 4 - Give and Take PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)


Community Connections

Activity - Community Connections (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 1 - The Cat

Activity 1 - The Cat (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 2 - Continuing the Discussion

Activity 2- Continuing the Discussion (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 3 - Exit Ticket

Activity 3 - Exit Ticket (Adobe Acrobat File)


Alternate Activity -Going Deeper 1- Action Research

Activity 1 - Going Deeper with Avoiding Burnout- Action Research (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Going Deeper with Avoiding Burnout- Action Research (PowerPoint File)


Alternate Activity -Going Deeper 2 - Teaching with Your Strengths

Activity 2 - Going Deeper with Avoiding Burnout- Teaching with Strengths (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 2 - Going Deeper with Avoiding Burnout- Teaching with Strengths (Video Link)

Activity 2 - Going Deeper with Avoiding Burnout- Teach with Strengths (Article Link)


Additional Resources for Avoiding Burnout

More about PLC’s : What is a Professional Learning Community
Visit at:

What is Action Research? : Excellent article on how to design and implement an Action Research project.
Visit at:




The below materials are all simliar to the above activitis but are combined into one complete module.

Participant Resources:

Participant Manual- (In Adobe Acrobat Format)

Ticket in the Door: (In Adobe Acrobat Format)


Facilitator Resources:

Facilitator Guide - (In Adobe Acrobat Format)

Facilitator Downloads (Used during face to face meeting)

M3-Welcome PowerPoint- (In PowerPoint Format)

M3-Phases Chart - (In Adobe Acrobat Format)

M3-Phases Crossword - (In Adobe Acrobat Format)

M3-Phases Matching - (In Adobe Acrobat Format)

M3-Exit Slip - (In Adobe Acrobat Format)



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