Module Six - Leadership

Overview: This module looks at teachers as leaders in thier school, classroom, and other areas.
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Introduction - Leadership

Image of techer lecturing in front of students.Teachers are leaders. Regardless of your title or position, you are a leader in your classroom and in your school. There are many definitions of leadership. Teachers demonstrate leadership when they prepare their students to graduate, become globally competitive, and prepared for a life in the 21st century and beyond. Teachers are advocates. They advocate for change in policies or procedures that undermine allowing their students to be a successful as possible. They also advocate on a regular basis for the students placed in their care to ensure they have the environment needed for success of all students.

Objectives for this module include:

  • Explore what leadership means as a beginning teacher
  • Examine your capacity for leadership in the classroom, school, and community at large
  • Consider teacher leadership from a community perspective
  • Identify and analyze characteristics that effective leaders exhibit
  • Determine areas for professional growth in leadership


Activites for Teachers as Leaders Module

Overview - Activity 1 - Welcome- Questions You Might Want to Ask

Activity 1 - Welcome Overview (Adobe Acrobat File)


Application - Activity 1 - Exploring Teacher Leadership

Activity 1 - Exploring Teacher Leadership (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Leadership PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Activity 1 - Leaders Make Complex Decisions (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - My Educaiton Delegation (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - My Classroom Must Have (Adobe Acrobat File)


Community Connections - Leadership

Activity 1-Community Connections (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 1 - Continuing the Discussion and Next Steps

Activity 1 - Next Steps (Adobe Acrobat File)


Alternate Activity -Going Deeper 1- For this module it is recommended that all participants use the some activities. It is often the case that all levels of beginning teachers have a lot to share when it comes to the topic of leadership.


Additional Resources for Leadership

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