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Overview: BT Matters program consists of six modules or content areas. These six content areas were identififed from research as being some of the major reasons that beginning teachers leave the profession. Each module contains resources and materials related to the topic.
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Module One - Classroom Management

In this first module you will be getting the participants acquainted with the BT Matters program, the personnel involved with the program, and their fellow participants. Then you will jump into the first core content topic, Classroom Management.

Objectives for this Module include:

  • Gain an overview of the BT Matters Project Design
  • Determine your classroom management style and the implication to change yourself to adapt to the needs of your learners
  • Consider how physical space, routines, and procedures proactively engage student learning
  • Understand how motivation serves as a foundation to build nurturing relationships with students
  • Consider how curriculum and instructional decisions influence classroom management
  • Discover resources within the school community and community at large
  • Begin to design a classroom management plan

Module 2

Module Two - Parent Communication

Parent communication is essential to create a positive enviorment for teachers and students. Too often little time is devoted to learning strategies that can assist in making parent communications the best that they can be.

Objectives for this module include:

  • Take stock of your expectations for family involvement and consider your students’ families’ expectations of you.
  • Re-examine the communication you have had with students’ families during this school year.
  • Determine the strategies that are most effective for communicating with your population of families.
  • Identify community resources available to support teachers to connect with the families and communities.
  • Design a communication plan to implement through the school year.

Avoiding Burnout

Module Three - Avoiding Burnout

Teachers fulfill many roles in their jobs and in their own personal lives. Sometimes they can take on more than they can handle. Over time what they once could handle becomes too much. If not addressed, burnout can occur.
However, as a teacher, you are not alone. You are surrounded by a network of valuable resources. People, places, media, and groups. It’s up to you to choose your own path and decide which resources work for you!

Objectives for this module include:

  • Determine your current phase of teaching based on Ellen Moir’s Phases of Teacher Attitudes and match attitude to beginning teacher needs and support.
  • Examine your talents and explore a strengths-based approach to teaching and learning.
  • Develop strategies to maintain your professional focus on effective teaching and student learning when faced with obstacles.  
  • Revisit teaching philosophy and identify resources (mentors, teachers, administrators, social media) who support your professional outlook.
  • Identify “professional community” resources available to support teachers to connect with their profession and each other.

Module 4

Module Four - Work Load

We all have many things that fill our time and demand our attention. Being a new teacher adds many new and very demanding tasks to our life. In this module we help you to identify some of these tasks and develop strategies for managing them.

Objectives for this module include:

  • Develop an awareness of the important issues and changes that come in the first three years of teaching.
  • Examine and reflect upon your current workload and life load.
  • Identify coping strategies for success.
  • Manage classroom level issues to stay organized (grading, assessment, classroom flow/organization routine OR procedure to revisit)
  • Discover resources within the school community and community at large to contribute to help alleviate workload/lifeload.

Technology Image

Module Five - Technology

Technology is all around us. We see it everywhere in our normal daily activities. In recent years, teachers have used technology in some amazing ways to engage students and enhance their curriculums.
However, as a teacher, you will need to make the best choice when it comes to technology integration in your classroom. It is not always best to use technology just to because it is available. The best uses will be when you are using the technology to do something you would otherwise not be able to do. In this module we will take a fresh look at the use of technology in the classroom.

Objectives for this module include:

  • Re-examine instructional practice in light of your experience, student engagement, and student success.
  • Evaluate your use of technology.
  • Catalog technology you currently use and/or have available for instruction and for student use.
  • Use technology as the cornerstone for revisioning of student engagement, differentiation of instruction, and behavior management.
  • Consider high leverage teaching practices, infusing technology to improve student achievement.
  • Analyze instructional practice to include student use of appropriate technology.
  • Consider your online community of support as well as the technological resources you have utilized to grow as a professional.

Module 6

Module Six - Leadership

Teachers are leaders. Regardless of your title or position, you are a leader in your classroom and in your school. There are many definitions of leadership. Teachers demonstrate leadership when they prepare their students to graduate, become globally competitive, and prepared for a life in the 21st century and beyond. Teachers are advocates. They advocate for change in policies or procedures that undermine allowing their students to be a successful as possible. They also advocate on a regular basis for the students placed in their care to ensure they have the environment needed for success of all students.

Objectives for this module include:

  • Explore what leadership means as a beginning teacher
  • Examine your capacity for leadership in the classroom, school, and community at large
  • Consider teacher leadership from a community perspective
  • Identify and analyze characteristics that effective leaders exhibit
  • Determine areas for professional growth in leadership


How does BT Matters Work?

This program is designed to work with any existing beginning teacher program or as a stand alone program. It should be noted that it is not necessary to complete or use every activity within a module in order to be successful with this program. Users are encouraged to review all activities and select the ones that best match their requirements and time options.

To use the materials from BT Matters facilitators or beginning teachers simply visit the BT Matters web site and download activities and materials they wish to use. All materials on the site are free.

Download this Program Overview to see learn what topics will be covered in the program and ways that you can support your beginning teachers through the program.


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