Module Four - Workload

Overview: This module looks at how many demands are placed on teachers and strategies to cope with those.
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We all have many things that fill our time and demand our attention. Being a new teacher adds many new and very demanding tasks to our life. In this module we help you to identify some of these tasks and develop strategies for managing them.

OImage of techer lecturing in front of students.bjectives for this module include:

  • Develop an awareness of the important issues and changes that come in the first three years of teaching.
  • Examine and reflect upon your current workload and life load.
  • Identify coping strategies for success.
  • Manage classroom level issues to stay organized (grading, assessment, classroom flow/organization routine OR procedure to revisit)
  • Discover resources within the school community and community at large to contribute to help alleviate workload/lifeload.


Activites for Workload Module

Overview - Activity 1 - Welcome
and Pulse Check

Activity 1 - Welcome and Pulse Check (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Application - Activity 1 - Advice from Experienced Teachers

Activity 1 - Advice on Workload (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Application - Activity 2 - Identify Stressors

Activity 2 - Identifying Stressors (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 2 - PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)

Activity 2 - Now, Soon, Later (Adobe Acrobat File)

Application - Activity 3 - Teacher Toolbox

Activity 3 - Teacher Toolbox (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 3 -Toolbox PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)


Application - Activity 4 - Looking at Case Studies

Activity 4 - Case Study Instructions (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 4 -Case Study PowerPoint (MS PowerPoint File)

Activity 4 -Case Study Document (Adobe Acrobat File)


Community Connections -

Activity 1 - Community Connections (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 1 - Reflection

Activity 1 - I Commit Activity (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 -I Commit Document (MS Word File)

Activity 1 -I Commit Document (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 2 - Exit Slips

Activity 2 - Exit Slips Instructions (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 2 -Exit Slips Handout (Adobe Acrobat File)


Alternate Activity -Going Deeper - Composing Organization List

Activity 1 - Going Deeper with Workload- Organization List (Adobe Acrobat File)



Additional Resources for Work Load

American Psychological Association - Teacher Stress Module: Reveals that new teachers are particularly susceptible to stress.
Visit at:

Stressing Support, Not Stress: Easing the Anxieties of Being a Novice Teacher: Knowing why you teach can help deal with the pressures of the job. Visit at:

Back to School Stress: Establishing Good Habits: Developing good habits can you help reduce stress.
Visit at:

Why is Teaching so Stressful?
Visit at:

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