Module Five - Integrating Technology

Overview: This second module looks at an issue many beginning teachers may not take full advantage of, technology.
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Introduction - Integrating Technology

Technology is all around us. We see it everywhere in our normal daily activities. In recent years, teachers have used technology in some amazing ways to engage students and enhance their curriculums.
Image of techer lecturing in front of students.However, as a teacher, you will need to make the best choice when it comes to technology integration in your classroom. It is not always best to use technology just to because it is available. The best uses will be when you are using the technology to do something you would otherwise not be able to do. In this module we will take a fresh look at the use of technology in the classroom.

Objectives for this module include:

  • Re-examine instructional practice in light of your experience, student engagement, and student success.
  • Evaluate your use of technology.
  • Catalog technology you currently use and/or have available for instruction and for student use.
  • Use technology as the cornerstone for revisioning of student engagement, differentiation of instruction, and behavior management.
  • Consider high leverage teaching practices, infusing technology to improve student achievement.
  • Analyze instructional practice to include student use of appropriate technology.
  • Consider your online community of support as well as the technological resources you have utilized to grow as a professional.


Activites for Integrating Technology Module

Overview - Activity 1 - Welcome
and Pulse Check

Activity 1 - Welcome Overview (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Matching Technology Handout (Adobe Acrobat File)


Application - Activity 1 - Rethinking Instructional Practice

Activity 1 - Rethinking Instruction (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity 1 - Rethinking Instruction PowerPoint (PowerPoint File)


Community Connections

Activity - Community Connections (Adobe Acrobat File)


Conclusion - Activity 1 - Red Light, Green Light, and Yellow Light Activity

Activity 1 - Red, Green, and Yellow Light Activity (Adobe Acrobat File)


Alternate Activity -Going Deeper - Sharing What Works

Activity - Going Deeper with Technology Integration - Sharing What Works (Adobe Acrobat File)

Activity - Going Deeper with Technology Integration- Kathy Schrock Web Site ( Link)


Additional Resources for Technology Integration

UNCW EdGames: PowerPoint Games - Classroom Games - Great site for free tools to use for test preperation or memoriazation.
Visit at:

Book: Pink, D.H. (2012).  To Sell is Human.  Penguin.
Visit at:

The ICAP Framework:
Visit at:

Article: Strengthening Student Engagement
Visit at:

WebQuests: Tools for Differentiation
Visit at:

Kathy Schorcks' Guide to Everything: Links to tools from around the web for integration.
Visit at:

Technology Tools for Teachers: A list maintained by Jeff Ertzberger.
Visit at:




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