AIG Add-on Licensure

The Academically or Intellectually Gifted Add-on Licensure is an online 12-credit hour course sequence designed for K-12 educators who currently hold a teaching license and seek to improve their knowledge of and expertise in the field of gifted education and talent development. The 12-credit hour coursework for the AIG Add-on Licensure meets the Department of Public Instruction standards for AIG Add-on Licensure.

The AIG Add-on Licensure courses can be applied to the M.Ed. with Specialization in Academically or Intellectually Gifted degree requirements. (Student Learning Outcomes

Admission Requirements

  1. Bachelor's degree completed before graduate study begins.
  2. Official transcripts of college work. An undergraduate grade average of "B" (GPA=3.0) or better is recommended.
  3. Current teaching license.

Apply Online

To be eligible to participate in AIG Add-On Licensure Courses, you need to apply to the UNCW Graduate School. For application deadlines and requirements visit:

Course Schedule:

  • August to October
    EDN 552: Introduction to Gifted Education
  • October to December
    EDN 553: Social and Emotional Development and Guidance of Gifted Learners
  • January to March
    EDN 554: Curriculum, Methods, and Materials for Gifted Education
  • March to May
    EDN 555: Program Design, Implementation, and Evaluation in Gifted Education