Purpose of the WCE Community Advisory Council

The purpose of the Watson College Community Advisory Council is to inform the community and region about the mission and work of the College. The Advisory Council also provides advice and perspective to the Watson College on ways in which it can enhance its work and impact in the world. The Advisory Council is comprised of members from local schools, social service agencies, related settings and the community.

The Watson College Community Advisory Council serves as a vehicle to gain and share understandings about important challenges and opportunities for the College. Council members come from a wide range of perspectives, and each member brings a deep knowledge about some aspect of the work of Watson College and the contexts in which it operates. The Council advises the Dean on matters related to the College’s relationships with the local and regional communities, serves as informed advocates in the community for the advancement of the College, and gives advice and perspective on programs and innovative work that may promote the College’s success.

Responsibilities of Watson College Community Advisory Council Members

  • Develop an understanding as Council members of the work of the Watson College.
  • Cultivate relationships in the community and region on behalf of the Watson College.
  • Serve as ambassadors to and advocates within communities in the region impacted by the work of the College.
  • Promote visibility for the Watson College and enhance its level of prestige and respect.
  • Share and disseminate information in communities and the region about the work of the Watson College.
  • Solicit input from and access to audiences and stakeholder groups relevant to the work of the College.
  • Provide “critical friends” perspectives on the work of the Watson College.
  • Support resource development opportunities for the Watson College.
  • Build and exercise leverage and influence with key constituencies and stakeholders on behalf of the Watson College.

The Watson College Community Advisory Council is a standing body, and includes 15 to 18 members in addition to representative from College leadership. The Advisory Council meets quarterly for two hours, with meetings typically occurring in the late afternoon/early evening. Regular attendance and participation is critical in creating capacity to have engaged and sustained conversations within the Council, and with representatives of the College and communities who may speak to issue relevant to the Council’s work.





Baker, Karen

Brunswick County Schools (MTSS Coordinator)


Booher, Jennifer

Pine Valley Elementary School (teacher/site coordinator)


Cobb, Michael

Brunswick Community College


Dean, Bo

NHC Resources Analyst


Jones Hall, Jana

Blue Ribbon Commission (Director)


Rhodes, Deloris

Community Member


Rinko, Andrew

New Hanover County Board of Social Services


Segovia, Edelmira

UNCW Centro Hispano (Director)


Sokolinsky, Shelia

New Hanover High School, Career Development Coordinator


Tomkinson, Yasmin

Cape Fear Literacy Council (Adult Literacy Director)


Vickers, Dawn

Williams Elementary School (assistant principal)