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Tests for Watson Admission & Teacher Licensure

Praxis Core (For Entry to Watson):

Choose the tests for NCDPI licensure. Be sure to code UNCW as a test score recipient, even if you take the test at the UNCW testing center. Tests should be taken and passed right away, freshman or sophomore year, unless exempt.

  • Praxis Core Reading Test # 5712
  • Praxis Core Math Test # 5732
  • Praxis Core Writing Test # 5722
  • or Combined Praxis Core Test # 5751

*The Praxis Core replaces the Praxis 1 which is no longer offered, however students who have already passed the full Praxis 1 may submit scores for admission to Watson. Scores from Praxis 1 and Praxis Core may not be combined.


  • New SAT (taken March 2016 or later)
    • Students with a total score of 1170 or higher (EBRW + Math) are exempt from the Praxis Core exam. Students with a total redesigned SAT score of less than 1170, yet have a score of at least 600 on the EBRW test, are exempt from Praxis Core Reading and Writing tests. Students with a total redesigned SAT score of less than 1170, yet have a score of at least 570 on the Math test, are exempt from the Praxis Core Math test.  Please note that other sections cannot be added to reach the 1170. 
  • Old SAT (taken prior to March 2016):
    • Students with an SAT score of 1100 or higher (Math + Verbal) are exempt from the Praxis Core exam. The Writing SAT score is not counted in the total of 1100 needed for exemption. Students with SAT scores of less than 1100, yet have SAT scores of 550 or higher on Verbal are exempt from Praxis Core Reading and Writing, and SAT scores of 550 or higher on Math are exempt from Praxis Core Math.
  • Students with an ACT composite score of 24 or higher are exempt from the full Praxis Core exam. Students with a composite score of less than 24, but with a score of at least 24 on the English test are exempt from the Praxis Core Reading and Writing, ACT of at least 24 on the Math test are exempt from the Praxis Core Math.
  • Students who have earned a Master's degree are exempt from the full Praxis Core exam.. Additionally, students who have earned a Bachelor's degree with a final cumulative GPA of 2.70 or higher are also exempt. Students will need to submit a transcript with the degree posted to the Associate Dean's Office (Room 308 EB) to receive the exemption.
  • Students may confirm official SAT or ACT exempting scores by accessing SEANET: Under "Student Services & Financial Aid", click "Student Records". Click "Student Information". Click "submit" for the current term, then scroll to the bottom for "Test Score Information".
  • Students are required to provide the Watson College of Education Associate Dean's Office with the corresponding official documentation from the granting institution (University or Collegeboard) to receive exemptions for Praxis Core. For example, have an official transcript showing your GPA, if your degree exempts you, or your official test scores from the testing company, sent to you in a sealed envelope. Bring them to EB Room 308 Attn: Dianne Evans prior to the admissions deadline.


  • The Praxis Core Academic Skills for Educators Test is offered only as a computer based test. Choose the NCDPI test.
  • There are three required sections: Reading (#5712), Math (#5732), and Writing (#5722) or the combined test (#5751)
  • Required Core passing scores are: Reading = 156 , Mathematics = 150, Writing = 162, or combined Score of 468.
    • NOTE: If taking all three sections of the Praxis Core test, you do not need to meet the minimum score on each, but all three scores added together must equal 468 or greater.
  • Students should plan to take the NCDPI Praxis Core before the end of first semester of sophomore year.
  • Transfer students should plan to take the Praxis Core prior to enrolling at UNCW or early in the first semester at UNCW.
  • Test re-takes: An examinee may take each part of the Praxis Core test once every 21 consecutive days. This policy applies even if the examinee canceled the scores on a test taken previously. A student can take each part of the test a maximum of six times in a twelve month period.

  • Read about the structure and content at:
  • Make use of the study plans, practice questions and testing strategies for each sections:
  • Testing & Education Resource Center (TERC)
    • This free tool will allow you to take four practice tests
    • Go to the Randall Library Website (
    • Click on Databases (center of the page)
    • Click T to search for the Testing and Education Resouce Center (TERC)
    • Select the Testing and Education Resouce Center (TERC) under results
      • If prompted, log in using your uncw email domain and password to access the website
    • Register for a TERC account or log in if you already have an account.
    • For practice tests: Search for Praxis in the search box
      • There are up to four individual tests for each Praxis Core section.
  • Study Guides/Practice Books: Available in the UNCW bookstore, websites (such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble), and through the UNCW Library Reserves Area.


STUDY and be prepared to pay at registration;
CODE UNCW as a score recipient;
test a semester before you intend to get into WCE.

  • Study!!!! Most students need to review concepts prior to taking the test.
  • Be sure to register for the NCDPI Praxis Core. There are no longer testing windows.
  • Sign up for a test at As long as there is a seat at the testing center you can register.
  • Local testing centers include: UNCW (weekdays) and Sylvan Learning Center (weekdays & weekends).
  • Pay at the time of registration. Fees:
  • Fee waiver eligibility and application information can be found at:
  • Allow 4-6 weeks (minimum) for official test scores to arrive at the Watson College of Education.
  • Be sure to code UNCW as a score recipient even if you take the test at the UNCW testing center. We are listed as "Univ North Carolina Wilmington" and are score recipient #5907.Choose the NCDPI Praxis Core.


  • Arrive at the test site at least 30-minutes prior to your test time. Late arrivals are not allowed to enter the testing room once the test has begun.
  • Test takers must bring all appropriate and required materials to the test. This includes (but not limited to): 2 appropriate forms of picture ID, pencils, sweaters/coats, etc. The only calculator allowed is the online four-function calculator provided as part of the math testing software.
  • Test takers are expected to be prepared and behave in a professional manner. UNCW will not tolerate inappropriate or unprofessional behavior by exam test takers.
  • READ the Praxis Core test and structure material COMPLETELY before coming to take the test- it provides vital and useful information. See:
  • Be well-rested & eat before taking the exam, this allows you to concentrate on the test rather than your hunger and/or sleep.
  • Scores are calculated by number of correct answers, with no deduction for incorrect answers. Be sure to answer all of the questions.
  • Note that each section is timed, so work at an appropriate speed.

Licensing Test Information (click here)

Additional Information: