Academic Advising

Frequently Asked Questions for Current Students


When to apply

  • Apply as soon as possible: Sophomore year, or during your first semester at UNCW if you are a transfer student.
  • Deadlines are: December 1, May 1 and August 1.
  • Applications are reviewed once grades are posted, then decision notifications are sent via UNCW email.


Please visit the WCE Admission Requirements page 

Praxis Core entry tests or exemption

Please visit our Praxis Information page.


  • Three times per year: May 1, December 1, August 1
  • No late applications are accepted
  • Requirements must be met at the conclusion of the semester of application.
  • For example: If you apply by May 1st during the spring term, you must have completed all of the requirements upon review of your application at the conclusion of the spring term. Although the application was due May 1st on Seaport, your grades may not post until a week or two later to verify completion of the requirements.
  • No late applications are accepted
  • Notifications are done via UNCW email a week or two after the Fall, Spring, and Summer II Terms end.


Please visit the WCE Admission Requirements page >


WCE acceptance and rejection notifications will be done via UNCW email a week or two after the Fall, Spring, and Summer II Terms end.


Degrees offered

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Education:

  • Elementary
  • Middle Grades
  • Special Education (Adapted or General)
  • Education of Young Children

Bachelor of Arts (BA) in the specific Subject with Teacher Licensure:

  • English
  • Math
  • Science
  • Social Studies
  • Music
  • French
  • Spanish
  • Physical Education

Declaring or changing majors

University College Students: Declare your major with your University College advisor.
Everyone else: Use Seaport, Academics tab, "Major Declaration/Curricular Updates." Click here for more information.

Order of Courses

Please visit our Pre-registration page.

Required classes

Please visit our Pre-registration page.

Academic Concentrations

Please visit our Academic Concentration page.


Minors provide instruction in a specialized field of study and an enhanced set of skills.

  • 18-24 credit hours
  • May delay graduation
  • Popular minors: Applied Behavior Analysis and Developmental/Intellectual Disabilities, English as a Second Language, Psychology, and Spanish. For a complete list of minors, click here
  • We encourage you to discuss these options with your Academic Advisor


With a Watson application in process

  • You can pre-register for WCE restricted classes prior to being admitted    
  • You will be dropped from them a few days before class begins if you are not admitted to WCE prior to the class start
    • For example: You plan to apply to WCE by May 1st, however you are pre-registering for the following fall classes before the May term ends. You may pre-register for the WCE classes, but you will be unable take them if you fail to apply to WCE or are denied admission to WCE.

When classes are full

  • Note: Pre-registration and registration are active student initiated processes that take time and effort. 
  • Seanet is “real time” so seat availability constantly changes.
  • Advisors and professors CANNOT give you seats or make seats available to you by email.
  • Be flexible, check Seanet.
  • Use the wait list (as available). Wait list details  Wait list demonstration
  • Be patient, check Seanet again.
  • Use the wait list (as available) Wait list details  Wait list demonstration
  • Attend the first day of class (you might get a seat from a non- attender of you ask the instructor in class).
  • If the course you are seeking is online, and you cannot get into it by checking back on SEANET multiple times, as a last resort you can email the instructor to request a seat. Describe any efforts you made to get a seat in your email.

Using helpful waitlists to save time

Please visit the Waitlist Registration page.

Error messages

Co-requiste errors: Usually require entering both parts of a class simultaneously.

  • Example Solution:  Look up CRN numbers of course co-requisites such as EDN 200 and EDNL 200. Go to the drop/add screen. Enter both CRN numbers into boxes next to one another. Click register.

Pre-requisite error:  See course catalog for missing class(es)
Unsolvable errors:  Contact the office of chairperson of the department of the class for problem solving.
Elementary, Special Education, Middle Grades, Early Childhood Courses: 962-4171
EDN 200, 203, 303 or SEC courses: 962-7539

Pre-requisites, co-requisites, and course descriptions

  • Your responsibility to know
  • Found in course catalog here
  • Also built into and/or noted into course checklists here


Academic Advisors & contact information

Visit our Who Will Advise Me? page.

Preparation to meet with your advisor

  • Review the WCE advising webpage for important announcements and relevant information
  • Review your Seanet degree audit
    • Note University Studies and Competencies, Watson Admissions requirements, and Concentrations Courses
  • Fill out the corresponding program checklist here
  • Outline your goals, projected classes, and your targeted graduation rate 
  • Bring a list of questions with you to ask your advisor during your appointment

Graduation requirements

Visit the Major & Minor Program Sheet Page.

Praxis II and other required licensing tests

Visit the Professional Experiences Licensure page.

Applying to graduate

Visit the Office of the Registrar's Graduation Deadlines & Application page.


Required background checks

  • First background check for WCE application (no fee)
  • Second prior to field studies (Certiphi) click here
  • Third prior to internship (Certiphi) click here

Academic Advisors & contact information

Visit our Who Will Advise Me? page.

Student-Advisor partnership & Syllabus

Please visit our Pre-registration page.