Earth and Ocean Sciences

Petrology and Structural Analysis

Thin-section GabbroThe Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences has an active program in mineralogy, carbonate and clastic sedimentary petrology, igneous and metamorphic petrology and structural analysis. There are numerous opportunities for on-going field and laboratory research in both continental and marine settings that include but are not limited to: the North American Precambrian shield, and Appalachian and Codilleran orogenic belts from the Precambrian to Cenozoic. Examples of current research projects include the study of mineral resources, mineral and whole-rock geochemistry as protolith and petrogenetic indicators in metamorphic and igneous rocks, mineral assemblages as indicators of metamorphic conditions and P-T-t paths, and development of structures and rock fabrics as indicators of tectonic processes.

Faculty Researching This Area Include:

David Blake, Ph.D. Todd LaMaskin, Ph.D. Michael Smith, Ph.D.
Blake LaMaskin Smith