Earth and Ocean Sciences

Climatology and Paleoclimatology

coreSeveral Earth and Ocean Sciences faculty members are engaged in studies of climatology and paleoclimatology. Much of this research focuses on how climate contributes to environmental and societal change. Time scales of this research range from the Quaternary to the present. Major emphases and analytical techniques in this research group include statistics and computer modeling, hydroclimatology, geochemistry, stable isotope geochemistry, paleolimnology, palynology, geomorphology, soils, and geoarcheaology. Geography and Geology students are involved in local and international field projects including assessment of sea-level rise along the Carolina coast, monitoring precipitation in the Bahamas, assessing variability of agricultural drought in Jamaica, reconstructing Holocene precipitation variability and vegetation in the Dominican Republic and Costa Rica. Other recent faculty projects have focused on cave formation in the Bahamas, prehistoric agriculture in the circum-Caribbean, impacts of modern climate change on carbon cycling in boreal soils and streams of Newfoundland, sea-level change and coastal geoarchaeology in Portugal, morphological evolution of Bald Head Island, NC, and floodplain deposition along the Cape Fear River, NC.

Laboratory for Applied Climate Research
Paleoenvironmental Change Research Group

Faculty Researching This Area Include:

Michael Benedetti, Ph.D. Doug Gamble, Ph.D. Andrea Hawkes, Ph.D. Chad Lane, Ph.D.
Benedetti Gamble Hawkes Lane