Earth and Ocean Sciences

Dr. Chad Lane

Professor of Geography

Lane CMS 1326, DeLoach 128
Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5944
Tel: 910 962-3466; Fax: 910 962-7077
email:,Personal Webpage

Stable Isotope Geochemistry, Paleolimnology

B.S. University of Denver, 2001
M.S. University of Tennessee, 2003
Ph.D. University of Tennessee, 2007

GGY 230: Weather and Climate
GLY 390: Sediments and Paleoclimate (Field and Laboratory Methods Course)
GGY 432: Biogeography
GLY/GGY 439: Paleoclimatology
OCN/GLY 475: Marine Biogeochemistry
GGY/GLY 448/592: Paleoenvironmental Proxies Seminar

Research Interests:
Dr. Lane's research interests include sediment records of late-Quaternary paleoenvironmental change, stable isotope geochemistry, prehistoric human-environment interactions, and rapid climate change events. His current research topics include late-Holocene environmental (climate, vegetation, disturbance regimes, etc.) change in Central America, the circum-Caribbean, and North Carolina, tracking prehistoric maize cultivation using stable isotope analyses of lake sediments, assessing the impacts of rapid climate change on prehistoric human populations, and assessing the impacts of global climate change on carbon cycling in boreal soils. In addition to his work in North Carolina, Dr. Lane has also been lucky enough to conduct much of his research in beautiful locations such as Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Mexico, Newfoundland (Canada), and St. Croix (USVI).