Earth and Ocean Sciences

Dr. Elizabeth Hines

Adjunct Associate Professor of Geography

Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences
University of North Carolina Wilmington
601 South College Road
Wilmington, NC 28403-5944

email:, Personal Webpage

Human Geography

M.S. (Geography) University Kansas
Ph.D. (Geography) University of Louisiana

Teaching History:
Dr. Hines teaches GGY180 Introduction to World Regional Geography: Europe and the Americas, GGY181 Introduction to World Regional Geography: Africa, Asia and the Pacific Rim, Virtual Field Trips for World Regional Geography: Regions 2000, GGY270 Principles of Land Use Planning, GGY320 Introduction to Cartography, GGY473 Regional and Environmental Land Use Planning, GGY495 Senior Seminar, GGY498 Internship in Geography and GLS535 Historical Geography of Food.

Research Interests:
Liz Hines pursues an eclectic mix of interests. She is an inveterate South watcher and monitors changing Southern cultural characteristics. She also keeps an eye on modern hate crime perpetrators and victims and changing hate crimes statutes. She teaches World Regional Geography, Cartography, and Planning, and directs the Geography Internship program. Her newest research is on apartheid removals in South Africa, a continuation of her interest in social justice issues. She also collaborates with Eliza Steelwater in collecting and compiling data on American lynching under the auspices of Project HAL (for Historic American Lynching). She is Board Secretary of LINC, Inc., an organization that helps people transition from prison to society and a member of Wilmington's Long Range Planning Committee.