Earth and Ocean Sciences

Our Mission

The Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences contributes to the mission of the University through its commitment to quality in teaching, research, and professional service. The primary objective of the Department is to offer rigorous and comprehensive degree programs in geography and geology that cover fundamental geographic and geologic knowledge as well as the latest innovations within these disciplines. The degree programs emphasize experiential learning opportunities including field studies, laboratory analysis, geospatial and quantitative methods, student research, internships, and international studies. Faculty research and service include a wide range of efforts dedicated to scholarly achievement, civic engagement, and applied problem solving at the local, regional, national, and international levels. We build on the traditional strengths of the department while contributing specifically to the University goals of providing a powerful learning experience for students, maintaining a faculty of outstanding scholars, strengthening regional engagement and outreach, preparing students to be global citizens, and encouraging and enhancing diversity.

Our Facilities and Research Laboratories

Deloach HallThe Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences is located in DeLoach Hall and Osprey Hall which have smart classrooms, faculty offices, teaching and research laboratories, computer laboratories, and instrument rooms. The department is well equipped with modern instruments for geologic, geographic and oceanographic studies.

The geology, geography and oceanography programs at UNCW make extensive use of computers for both laboratory and classroom instruction. The department maintains state-of-the-art spatial analysis,cartography and remote sensing laboratories that are used collaboratively by undergraduate and graduate students for analyzing data, geographic information science geovisualization, modeling and geoprocessing, including digital image processing, and programming. Instructors use microcomputers equipped with advanced multimedia systems for classroom presentations.

Center for Marine ScienceApproximately one third of the Earth and Ocean Sciences faculty have offices and research laboratories at the Center for Marine Science located seven miles southeast from the main UNCW campus on the Atlantic intercoastal waterway. This modern facility serves as a marine science center for UNCW and visiting scientists from other campuses of the University of North Carolina system and for visitors from other universities. The Center also provides space for other related agencies and supports marine research projects conducted in the coastal region of North Carolina, in the southeast region of the U.S.A., and other locations as required.

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The Department is located in DeLoach Hall and Osprey Hall -- find us on this interactive campus map.