UNCW's Doctoral Transition

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UNCW's Doctoral Transition

Chancellor Sartarelli portraitDear Campus Community:

Welcome to the website for our Doctoral Transition! I am very excited about what our transition to R2: Doctoral Status With High Research Activity represents: a strategic expansion of our goals as educators, an increased ability to serve our current and future students and an opportunity for faculty, staff, and administrators to collaborate on defining and furthering this new element of our identity.

The success of this transition will rely on the careful and realistic identification and deployment of resources necessary to support our R2 status. These resources will need to be in place over the next several years to support the need for related changes in faculty salaries, possible new Ph.D. programs, and the creation of administrative positions (e.g., teaching assistants). This is not a need I take lightly, and I’m grateful to the doctoral transition task force for their work in curating campus feedback and making resource-related and tactical recommendations accordingly. Please support this group of faculty, staff and administrators in their efforts as they have a critical and complicated mission. We will keep you posted on their progress via this website and various campus communication channels, and I can’t encourage you strongly enough to attend any forums or workshops they initiate on this topic.

Thank you for your attention and input as we look toward our future, but with an eye on our present and evolving needs. Embracing this opportunity for growth is something we could not do without your hard work as faculty and staff, and I appreciate your ongoing commitment to helping make UNCW the very best it can be.


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Jose V. Sartarelli