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helping youth unlock their potential

The JUST US Arts Project combines art with personal development skills to equip youth with tools for success.  Youth art activities advance social and emotional learning and guide the process of communicating their voice.  Youth work with artists from various disciplines, to create art in a noncompetitive/judgment-free environment. The mission is to empower youth with tools that aid personal growth and constructive civic engagement.  Emphasis is placed on awareness (of self and others), self-management, self-expression, self-reflection and interpersonal skills. 


Spring 2022: Community Tissue Paper Quilts with awarding winning artist, Maya Freelon!


Initial Project: JUST US: Because It's Time - Spring 2021 

JUST US: Because It's Time  involved 80 youth at 6 sites (four 7th grade middle school classrooms and two afterschool programs).  


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