Diversity and Inclusion

Living in Global Society

This component of the University Studies program includes courses that provide students with the tools that will help them to live ethical, meaningful, and productive lives in the global society of the 21st century. Many modern economic, political, and environmental problems transcend national boundaries and demand global solutions. Students should understand the interconnectedness of peoples and cultures and understand their world view in relation to the world view of others. Such understanding is likely to result only after careful examination of multiple facets of other cultures (including art, history, language, religion, etc.) in a comparative context. Courses in the Living in a Global Society component will expose students to these cultural differences and prepare students to interact comfortably and ethically on the global

AFN 290 Literature of the African Diaspora
ANT 105 Introduction to Anthropology
ANT 206 Cultural Anthropology
ANT 327 Globalization and Cultural Change
BIO 150 Humans and Ecology
CRW 314 Theory and Practice of Literary Translation
ECN 326 Comparative Economic Systems
ENG 100, 200 College Writing & Reading I, II: Global
ENG 111 Introduction to Literature: Global Emphasis
ENG 225, 226 World Literature I, II
ENG 227 World Anglophone Literature
ENG 341 Postcolonial and Third World Literature
ENG 342 Studies in Non-Western or Non-Canonical
ENG 343 Studies in Postcolonial Literature
ENG 370, 371 European Literature I, II
EVS 195 Introduction to Environmental Studies
EVS 205 Global Environmental Issues
FNA 101 Cultures of the World (Music & Dance)
FRH 304 French for Commerce
GGY 140 Introduction to Human Geography
GGY 181 World Regional Geography II
GGY 215 The Digital Globe
HST 203 The Sea in History
HST 209 African American History
INT 105 Introduction to International Studies
PAR 125 Great Books of the World's Religion
PAR 230 Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
PAR 232 Asian Religions
PLS 111 Politics and Gov't in Global Perspective
PLS 220 Introduction to International Relations
PLS 222 Contemporary International Political Issues
PSY 270 Cross-Cultural Psychology
SOC 240 Individuals and Societies in a Global World
SOC 350 Gender and Society
SPN 312 Spanish-American Civilization