Diversity and Inclusion

2020-22 Diversity & Inclusion Fellows

Fellows will work in collaboration with the Provost’s Office, Student Affairs Division, Business Affairs Office, and Office of General Counsel to enhance the university’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Fellows will work in collaboration with each of these offices to design programs, policies, and/or procedures that focus on one of the following institutional priorities with respect to diversity and inclusion. More information about the Diversity and Inclusion Fellows program is available here. Information about the 2022-2023 academic year program is here.


Babette Boyd
Senior Lecturer
Department of Sociology and Criminology

Cook_Kimiberly-0006-2.jpg Kimberly Cook
Professor of Sociology and Criminology
Department of Sociology and Criminology

Melissa Crowe
Lecturer and MFA Coordinator
Department of Creative Writing


Teddy Howell
Residence Coordinator
Housing & Residence Life


Jeff Janowski
Photographic Services Manager 
Office of University Relations


Mike Jefferson
Residence Coordinator
Housing & Residence Life


Venita Jenkins
Content & Communications Specialist
Office of University Relations

Mayo_Mariel-0210.jpg Leah Mayo
Coordinator, Center for Health Communities College of Health and Human Services
20190204-PESETSKI0006-9-2.jpg Christine Pesetski
Assistant Dean of Undergraduate Studies and University College Director
University College
20120806randolph_lj001-1.jpg L. J. Randolp Jr.
Associate Professor of Spanish and Education and World Language Teacher Education Coordinator
Department of World Languages and Cultures

Masha Shpolberg
Assistant Professor of Film Studies
Department of Film Studies

Young0175.jpg Taniesha Young
Freshman Admissions Coordinator
Office of Admissions