Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion Fellows Program

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The Office of Diversity and Inclusion, in partnership with the Provost’s Office, Student Affairs Division, Business Affairs Office, and Office of General Counsel seek faculty and staff committed to enhancing the university’s diversity and inclusion efforts. Fellows will work in collaboration with each of these offices to design programs, policies, and/or procedures that focus on one of the following institutional priorities with respect to diversity and inclusion: 

  • Recruitment and retention and success of diverse students, faculty, and staff
  • Analyzing and expanding curricular offerings
  • Cultivating inclusive partnerships or community engagement with diverse external organizations
  • Developing policies and procedures for the reporting and addressing of bias incidents
  • Facilitating grant collaborations to support diversity and inclusion initiatives
  • Development and evaluation of innovative professional development in diversity and inclusion for students, staff, and faculty 


Fellows will serve for a minimum of one calendar year and maximum of three consecutive years. During the fellowship time, each fellow will commit to the following: 

  • Creating a proposal for work that includes a timeline with clear objectives and outcomes. 
  • Attending regular project meetings with divisions relevant to the fellow’s project. 
  • Attending regular meetings with all diversity fellows 
  • Sharing the results of fellowship work on campus and with community organizations in a spring research and engagement forum. 


Fellows will receive a $3,000 stipend per faculty fellow. Stipends will be split evenly between fall and spring semester. Funding will support 8 fellows per year. When travel resumes, we will include budget for travel associated with visiting partner institutions and/or grant agencies to build collaborative relationships.  

Application Process 

To express interest, please complete the  Diversity & Inclusion Fellows Program application. Applications are due by September 25.  

September 25  Applications Due  
September 28-30 Fellows Interviewed 
October 1  Fellows Selected and Assigned to a Division