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Director of Upperman African American Cultural Center at Road to Sankofa 2018

#sayhername - Breonna Taylor


Today, and always we honor Breonna Taylor who deserves to be here, in all of her beauty, fighting fiercely for a future that she dared to hope might be different. In as much as we claim to be a nation founded on principles of justice and freedom, Breonna’s death and the questions that remain remind us that we are living in the not yet. When we can unequivocally say that justice and freedom function as the air we breathe, that when one of us is stripped of either, that loss endangers us all, then we can say we live those principles that we hold so close. 
The brilliance and beauty of Black Women is something too often our world takes for granted. Today, we need to #sayhername and be reminded that her life indeed matters, not just to Louisville, Kentucky, but to us all. Should you need more time to sort through your feelings, do it. Should you need more time to vocalize your thoughts, do it. Should you need time to take a break, please take rest. Here, at UNCW, we seek to value the fragility of a beautiful Black life lost. Breonna Taylor, your life matters to us here in Wilmington. 
The Office of Institutional Diversity & Inclusion