Disability Resource Center

Physical Access

The flat terrain and temperate climate of the North Carolina Coastal Plain is particularly well suited to those with mobility limitations and to wheelchair users.

Physical facilities on the UNCW campus are fundamentally accessible. Classroom buildings and all student services buildings are accessible throughout. There exists an on-going effort to remove barriers and increase safety on campus. For information and assistance with physical access to classrooms, buildings, or the campus environment please contact:

Housing Accommodations

All students may request housing considerations. However, disability related accommodations must be approved in advance by submitting documentation to the Disability Resource Center for verification. If the documentation does not support a disability related request, the student may still ask for housing considerations.

Housing accommodations for students with documented disabilities are determined based on the need for equal opportunity; this determination is not made based on a perceived benefit to the student. Special housing needs should be discussed with the Housing and Residence Life Office well in advance of enrollment

On-campus housing includes modified accommodations for students with disabilities. Residence halls have elevators and are accessible throughout. Student apartments and suites are first floor accessible to students with mobility impairments.

Construction Notice

Be alert in construction zones. Look out for hazards and remember the site will change daily. Check out our Construction Notice for updated information. For questions regarding access around construction sites please contact:

  • Business Affairs 910.962.3067
  • Disability Resource Center 910.962.7555
  • University Police 910.962.2222

Getting Around Campus