Digital Arts Program

What Can I Do with the Digital Arts Degree?

There are a broad range of industries that employ digital media artists and designers. New job opportunities will emerge as new technologies and their applications continue to develop.  The DA program also prepares students to pursue a variety of graduate degrees.

Employers and career paths include:

  • Graphic design firms, including publications, advertising agencies and video production companies and marketing/communication companies
  • Data visualization for industry and research applications
  • Virtual and augmented reality for training, education and entertainment industries 
  • Interactive media design for mobile application development, military applications, government research, instructional media
  • Animation for studios, special effects for motion pictures, artwork for video game companies
  • Three-Dimensional rendering for architects, industrial designers and in any field requiring illustration and visualization
  • Human/computer interactions for galleries, museums, theatre sets and public settings  
  • See our Jobs and Internships page for more positions the DA program prepares students for
Just as the technologies of the camera revolutionized image-making and the movie camera changed the nature of story-telling,
The computer as a medium creates new ways of designing and representing human experience through its unlimited versatility as a production tool, presentation screen and intelligent collaborator. There are digital artists that practice in creative computation to create cultural and aesthetic experiences both individually and collectively.


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Industry Opportunities

The following is an abbreviated list of both local and national companies that offer DA-related jobs, many of which where our students have taken jobs and internships.
  • Red Storm
  • Epic Games
  • Screen Gems
  • Sony iCAD
  • Pixar
  • Pixar Undergraduate Research Program
  • Disney
  • Disney College Program
  • NASA
  • Inspire Creative Studios
  • IFG
  • Provis Media
  • Sage Island
  • N2 Publishing
  • Ncino
  • Live Oak Bank
  • PPD
  • Wilson Center
  • newpotato
  • Wave Rider
  • Metlife
  • WRIS Web Services
  • EPFL Realistic Graphics Lab
  • Allen Tate Companies
  • Ruffalo Noel Levitz
  • AVB Marketing
  • Align Technology
  • Tech Wizards
  • Wilmington International Airport Graphic Design and Marketing
  • MedNorth Health Center


Academic Opportunities

The following is a very abbreviated list of graduate programs our alumni are well-suited for. Several of our students have been admitted to and attended some of these programs.
  • NC State Art + Design
  • Clemson Digital Production Arts
  • UNCW Film Studies
  • University of Florida Digital Worlds Institute
  • Arizonia State University School of Arts, Media, and Engineering
  • Dartmouth MS in CS - Concentration in digital arts
  • UPenn Computer Graphics and Game Tech
  • Utah MS in CS
  • University of Southern California MS in CS - Multimedia and Creative Tech
  • Purdue MS in Computer Graphics Tech
  • Carnegie Mellon Entertainment Technology Center
  • Savannah College of Art and Design
  • Ringling College of Art and Design