Do It Yourself Recognition

Below, we've highlighted some of our favorite recognition programs that YOU can launch for your own department, team or unit. These DIY recognition ideas are free, easy, and a great way to start having a positive impact on the culture in which you work.

E-Praise Cards

A quick and easy way to give someone a pat on the back, e-praise cards are a great option for peer-to-peer recognition. One of our favorite providers of free e-praise cards is Baudville - check out their selection here!

Microsoft Teams Badges

Praise can be given virtually through Microsoft Teams with badges such as Creative, Problem solver, and Team player - check out instructions here!

Shout Outs

Shout Outs are where team members can post or write encouraging words, motivational quotes, and positive messages about one another!

Shout Outs can be given virtually! For example, through a departmental team within Microsoft Teams, on a cork board or white board that you hold up during your next Zoom meeting, or as a screen share during your next virtual staff meeting if you would like to create a PowerPoint slide or other form of visual to supplement your Shout Out!

Thank You Cards

If you have some spare thank you cards, you can send one to a colleague through snail mail.

Have another DIY recognition idea that you'd like us to share? Email us your idea today!

Engagement & Learning Specialist