Talent Agents of Learning

Talent Agents of Learning

What is a Talent Agent?

Our team of Talent Agents is here to help you find the learning and development opportunities to best suit your needs. Talent Agents of Learning (Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement Interns) work with coaches to uncover tools, resources and experience that help you grow during your time at UNCW. 

How does it work?

After meeting with your Coach for a 60-minute talent development coaching session and sharing areas where you'd like to grow, our Talent Agents of Learning will find the opportunities you need to help you apply new strategies and gain new skills in your desired area(s) of growth. They will customize learning options based on your desired outcomes, budget, time constraints and learning preferences. Then, you choose which opportunities you'd like to pursue! For those interested in sharing what they learn, as well as their successes and challenges, quarterly coaching sessions are available with an Coach. 

Who should use a Talent Agent?

If you find yourself asking any of the following questions, a Talent Agent may be right for you:

  • How can I find the training I need at the lowest possible cost?
  • What videos, articles, or books might help to develop in a particular area?
  • What conferences are available to me locally, regionally, or nationally?
  • What online courses might help me to succeed in this area?
  • Who are the experts in the area I am looking to develop?

How do I make my Talent Agent experience a success?

  • Layout the timeline and the learning that is most interesting to you and reflect on what you hope to learn.
  • Share the Talent Agent's list of learning suggestions with your supervisor and your timeline for completion.
  • Garner support and feedback from your supervisor quarterly in the areas you are looking to learn or strengthen.