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Why schedule a customized workshop?

There is training, and then there is a transformative experience. Why not have both? This is our approach to designing one-of-a-kind learning experiences. It should be memorable and relevant to operational and individual needs so there is both buy-in and application once the formal learning has concluded. All of our programs listed below are designed to be half-day workshops. If you are looking for something different, contact us so we can help!

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Below you'll see a list of some of our favorite customizable half-day workshops. If you see one you like, click here and follow the prompts. By sharing details about your team, culture, and desired outcomes, we'll be able to deliver a learning experience that best fits your team's needs. 

  • Learning & Development Workshops

    One WordArt of One Word

    Participants are taken through a process of uncovering their one word that they feel will impact their life at work. The one word they select is then painted and displayed to remain front of mind. Their START NOW Action Plan then puts their one word in motion.

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    Giving Flight

    Building on Your Strengths

    Participants take the StrengthsFinder© assessment in advance. During the workshop, we provide facilitated discussion about its personal and organizational uses and how it can help your team take advantage of its unique strengths. 

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    Cocina del Sol

    La Cocina del Sol

    When life gives you lemons, you…learn to effectively and efficiently collaborate with people, assess the process, build the product, and create and deliver a persuasive pitch that makes lemonade... literally! 

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    Focus Ring

    Focus Ring & the 5 Functions of a Team

    Inspired by Patrick Lencioni's book 5 Dysfunctions of a Team allows teams to put the fun in dyFUNction through a one of a kind team strengthening activity.

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    SELF & Others: Adapting Your Style

    Gain the awareness of your team's preferred communication styles and learn how to best adapt your style in order to strengthen relationships, increase productivity and overall job satisfaction.

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    What's Your Forté?

    Discover your team's FORTÉ® to improve individual & team performanceminimize conflict and build resiliency. Beyond your workshop, FORTE adapts and grows with your people to become a lifelong coach.

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    Contact Molly Nece with any questions about the above offerings.
  • Inclusion & Diversity Workshops

    Generational DiversityGenerational Diversity in the Workplace

    Working today often means joining a team with a range of ages. Gain the tools to better manage the dynamics at play. With interactive exercises and open dialogue, what may seem daunting will become attainable.

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    InclusionCreating an Inclusive Work Environment

    We want to make our work environments more deliberately inclusive and diversity-conscious. Participants will establish where they currently are and use that as a foundation on which to envision inclusive growth in their departments.

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    Vocal VignettesVocal Vignettes

    Vocal Vignette sessions promote critical dialog among colleagues about a myriad of topics. Walk away feeling ready to engage in courageous conversations on topics related to identity and embracing difference. 

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    Universality of MusicUniversality of Music

    Though music is an auditory medium, there are visual nuances that drive listeners to decide who their favorite performers are from the inside out. This session is full of surprises regarding identity and diversity.

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    Just Say the WordJust Say the Word

    How often have you flubbed with language related to any particular social identity group? This is not a “how to be politically correct” session - it is an opportunity to build better verbal skills related to our ever-growing global society.

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    TED TalksTED Talk Round Table Discussion

    All staff and faculty are welcome to join these 90-minute sessions to discuss important topics, including leadership, disability, stereotypes and more. Each talk will focus on a different TED talk - click the link below to explore the catalog and join a discussion today.

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    Privilege: Yours, Mine and OursPrivilege: Yours, Mine & Ours

    Do you want to learn how to recognize, acknowledge, and leverage privilege to help others? Join us to create a visual picture of what privilege looks through a meaningful, interactive group discussion.

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    Be an Ally to AllBe an Ally to All

    Do you want to learn ways to support people who find themselves marginalized? Walk away from this session equipped with strategies to leverage all forms of privilege and to standup for the basic human rights of all mankind.

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    What's Up With That"What's Up With That?" Dialogue

    This program allows participants to ask a broad array of ANONYMOUS questions about diverse people and issues surrounding diversity for those times when we want to ask, "What's up with that?"

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    Diversity in the ClassroomHow Diversity Shows Up in the Classroom

    Work collaboratively with other faculty and the facilitator to learn to manage issues regarding diversity and inclusion in the classroom. Walk away with an “inclusion toolkit" that will unite both students and faculty. (FOR FACULTY ONLY)

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    Contact Kimberly McLaughlin-Smith with any questions about the above offerings.
  • Community Service Workshops

    Community Engagement Retreat

    Host an engaging and impactful team retreat. Combining community service with intentional bonding with staff is a recipe for success. We will create a memorable and relevant experience for your team while serving the community.

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