February 2020 Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement

Greetings, D2LA Community!

Did you know today is National Inconvenience Yourself Day? Here at the Dare to Learn Academy, we like the sound of that. Why? Because we know that the moments that inconvenience and challenge us are also the moments that help us grow – so this month, let us inconvenience YOU with a new growth or engagement experience. Whether you want to celebrate an outstanding colleague or help serve the community, we’ve got something for everyone this month.

We’ve highlighted 15 upcoming development and engagement opportunities below – click the images to learn more about each.

Do you want your staff training program on our site? Click here to submit your course today! Plus, if you have a blog, article, book, or resource you would like to share with the D2LA community, please e-mail us at cunninghamo@uncw.edu ! We’d love to add your favorite resources to our website and social media.

To your success!

The Employee Leadership, Learning and Engagement Team