Leadership Enhancement
and Administrative Development

LEAD UNCW is an eight-part series designed specifically to assist senior administrators as they navigate the complex issues they face as members of the university administration. Each year, a new cohort of nominated campus leaders completes eight half-day programs, culminating in a graduation ceremony for successful candidates. 

Who should be nominated?

LEAD UNCW is designed for campus leaders (including AVCs, Department Chairs, Directors, etc.) who are either new to UNCW or new to their leadership role. If you think the LEAD program would be right for you, contact your division leaders so that you can be nominated for the 2019-2020 cohort.

When are nominations accepted?

The AVC of Human Resources calls for LEAD nominations from UNCW leadership in June of each year. Nominations for the 2018-2019 cohort are closed. If you have a leader you'd like to nominate for this program, be on the lookout for next year's call for nominations in June.

2018 LEAD Graduates

Dr. Laurie Badzek Albie Lange Dr. Lisa Scribner
Kristy Burnette Tom McCarley Jeremy Summers
Danielle Eastup Jennie McNeilly Woody Sutton
Dr. Tiffany Gilbert Dr. Katie Peel
Kristine Hopkins Dr. Justine Reel