Leadership Enhancement
and Administrative Development

LEAD UNCW is an eight-part series designed specifically to assist senior administrators as they navigate the complex issues they face as members of the university administration. Each year, a new cohort of nominated campus leaders completes eight half-day programs, culminating in a graduation ceremony for successful candidates.

Who should be nominated?

LEAD UNCW is designed for campus leaders (including AVCs, Department Chairs, Directors, etc.) who are either new to UNCW or new to their leadership role. If you think the LEAD program would be right for you, contact your division leaders so that you can be nominated for the 2022-23 cohort.

When are nominations accepted?

Nominations are accepted year-round via the LEAD UNCW nomination form. Leaders may nominate employees within their area at any time throughout the year, and accepted employees will become a member of the next cohort.

2021 LEAD Graduates

Jen August Kati Chipps Amy Mangus
Bill Alexander Nancy Dunworth Jerry Martin
Megan Allred Tiffany Erichsen Kelly Mintern
Karen Barnhill Christa Faison Gary Moore
Tom Baynes Patty Fox Shelley Morse
Dana Bell Matt Gallek Shirl New
Susannah Benedetti Susan Gray Colleen Opalka
Mitch Bloomer Jessica Hans Wes Padgett
Stuart Borrett Olivia Harvey Rachel Patrick
Lauren Brant Angela Housand Amber Grove
Teddy Burgh Ashlee Jensen Mike Ruwe
Amy Butzin Candice Johnston Stephanie Turrise
Jeff Campbell Sarah Lawlor Ashley Wells
Michael Carr John Lengyel Keith Westcott